Code of Ethics


Introduction by Janex Chairman

Putting ethics and integrity at the heart of Janex’s business conduct is not only a matter of complying with international laws and regulations, but it is also central to our Group values and our business success and sustainability.

It is a commitment to and of Janex employees to our customers and suppliers, our shareholders and the country authorities where we operate. Every Janex employee embodies these principles in their daily activities whatever the conditions and with no exception. Notably we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption, bribery and fraud.

This document sets out the standards that you can expect from each and every member of the Janex team. 

In summary, our fundamental ethical principles are:

  • to comply with laws and regulations
  • to act with integrity and sense of responsibility
  • to respect the environment by applying state of the art operations
  • to respect business confidentiality
  • to respect the right of every individual
  • to use the company’s resources in the interests of the company.

Last but not least, we must seek to ensure that our activity is respectful of the environment.

The application of our ethical principles in our daily activities is constantly encouraged and reinforced by example.

A commitment to act ethically, with integrity, and to comply with both the spirit and letter of the law and industry regulations are central to our service and our success.


Stuart Miners



Ethics and business conduct

Trust is built over time through making many every-day business decisions in the right way. Janex is committed to conduct its business with the utmost integrity.  This includes, but is not restricted to, the compliance with anticorruption laws such as the UK Bribery act 2010, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 2011 and the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business 2009.

In our professional activities, we have an obligation to act with integrity and sense of responsibility. In particular, we will ensure that we are never involved in situations that are, could prove to be, or even perceived to be fraudulent or malicious.

We may occasionally have access to confidential or business critical information from our partners or about our Group. It is everyone’s duty to treat this information accordingly and among others:

  • respect agreements signed;
  • strictly limit the disclosure of information exclusively to the persons authorised and who need to know; and
  • pay particular attention to written and/or verbal information disclosed in public spaces.

Our decisions are made in the interest of the Group and should not be influenced by external factors and other personal benefits. To this end, all employees must comply with the terms of Janex’s anti-corruption policy.

Under no circumstances should an employee be involved in any business requiring the payment of a bribe or the promise of a monetary gift.  Authorised commission for a valid commercial function is acceptable provided it has been reviewed and approved in advance.

Janex has a history and a culture of giving its partners small, low value, practical and branded business gifts.  A Janex employee is empowered to give these to our partners as these have been chosen based on their nature and value.  We recognise that some partners are not able to accept them. 

Janex, or its employees, will never offer to pay for accommodation or transport for our customers and suppliers.

We are committed to fair and equitable business relationships and believe in free and fair competition. We respect our competitors and value their ethical business conduct. We intend to comply with regulations protecting free competition such as those implemented by the Council of the European Union for preventing illegal contacts and agreements with our competitors.

By our actions, we are protecting the interests and image of the Group, our customers and our suppliers.


Ethics and Janex environment

We owe our colleagues respect and fair treatment, and the guarantee of a motivating work environment which respects the dignity and rights of all individuals. Janex does not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment. It is the responsibility of everyone not to behave in a way that could harm the dignity and rights of others.

Every employee undertakes to avoid the misuse or inappropriate use of all the Group’s resources. In particular, for all material resources (computer, telephone…) and intangible resources (internet, email, data, business information...), all employees undertake to comply with the rules for their use, of which they have been informed.