Heavy Alkylates (Alkyl Benzenes)

Heavy alkylates are produced as co-products (distillation bottoms) from the manufacture of linear alkyl benzene or branched alkyl benzene.

Benzene, mono-C10-13-alkyl derivs, distn. residues: CAS 84961-70-6 / EC 284-660-7

Benzene, C14-30-alkyl derivs: CAS 68855-24-3 / EC 272-472-8

Benzene, mono-C10-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms: CAS 85117-41-5 / EC 285-591-5


We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of heavy alkylates from producers in four continents. In addition to direct delivery, we maintain stock in Europe of around 1,000MT of our core grades.

Alias: HAL, benzene mono-C10-13-alkyl derivs distillation residue, alkyl benzene, HAB, heavy alkylate bottoms, DAB, dialkylbenzene, LAB bottoms.



  • Good thermal and oxidative stability
  • High flash points
  • Low pour points
  • Low to high aniline points
  • Good solubilising characteristics
  • Generally light in colour with low odour
  • Low Conradson carbon residues
  • Low or zero chlorine content
  • Classed as non-hazardous for transportation
  • Low levels of polynuclear aromatics


Main Applications:

  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Sulfonation feedstocks (sulfonic acids)
  • Lube additives
  • Greases
  • Refrigeration and compressor oils
  • Metal forming lubricants / metal working fluids
  • Lubricant component
  • Dielectric oils
  • Fat liquoring oils for the leather industry
  • Plasticisers and extenders
  • Hydraulic fluids


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