A flexible and entrepreneurial approach to support your business

Janex is a provider of customised supply chain services, delivering petrochemicals to pier or to door as required. 

We are transporting petrochemicals to and from over 25 countries, and we have the flexibility to develop a solution to meet your needs. 

We manage the transport of liquid chemicals in parcel tankers, iso-containers, flexi-bags, trucks and drums, and we also work with gases and solids. 

We have experience handling all kinds of products and we can advise and arrange any special requirements such us product heating, refrigeration or nitrogen blanketing. 

As well as the physical transport and distribution of chemicals, we can offer financing support in the form of attractive payment terms; a sourcing service to identify new and reliable product channels; and give advice on packing, handling and documentary requirements. 

Our service can range from a simple spot delivery to a fully outsourced procurement solution.

In this section we provide an overview of some of our main services.