Propylene Tetramer (PTM)

Propylene tetramer (PTM), also known as dodecene, is an alkene.  It is a C12 rich C11-13 olefin produced by the oligomerisation of propylene.

Propylene tetramer is the preferred name as this distinguishes it from other C12 molecules such as 1-dodecene and linear alpha-olefin derived from ethylene.

Janex offers various “cuts” of propylene tetramer from a broad cut with around 60% C12 content, to a narrow cut with over 90% C12 content. 

Supply is performed either in parcel tankers or in iso-tanks.


Propylene Tetramer    CAS 93821-12-6 / EC 298-697-1

CAS 6842-15-5 / EC 298-697-1

CAS 68526-58-9 / EC 298-697-1



By propylene oligomerisation using a solid catalyst (e.g. phosphoric acid (SPA), zeolites), polygas - a higher olefin liquid mixture – is produced.

Through a continuous or batch distillation, process various molecules can be extracted, one of them being propylene tetramer.

Main Applications:

  • Branched dodecylbenzene (also known as BAB or branched alkylbenzene)
  • C12 iso-paraffin
  • Dodecyl diphenyloxide sulfonate (surfactant for latex, rubber and textiles)
  • Dodecylphenol (DDP
  • Iso-tridecanol
  • Neotridecanoic acid
  • Tert-dodecylamine
  • Tert-dodecyl mercaptan (TDM)
  • Tetrapropylene succinic anhydride or acid (anti-rust agent, curing agent for epoxy resin and intermediate)


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