Commitments and Quality policy

Quality is at the heart of every service that Janex provides to its business partners and the way that we manage our internal processes. This commitment to quality manifests itself in the Quality Management System (“QMS”) that we have implemented. This QMS and the principles embedded within it guide our actions as we seek to deliver the highest possible standard of solutions to the markets we serve.

The primary objective of this formalised approach to quality is to safely manage our business and the services we offer. It is also a fundamental part of meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 standard; a certification that we value. It is our objective to achieve ISO certification during 2021.

This QMS allows us to improve the efficiency of our services and to meet the high expectations of our business partners.

The expertise of our employees is the key factor of our success.

Our commitments

  • Strive to be a preferred partner for our suppliers and to distribute their products world-wide as efficiently and safely as we are able;
  • To satisfy and aim to exceed the needs and demands of our customers;
  • To provide optimal solutions based on ever-changing market requirements through our commercial and logistical expertise;
  • To provide an optimal working environment for our employees.

Quality Policy – enabling our commitments

  • Establishing and maintaining of reliable and loyal relationships with our business partners;
  • Establishing and maintaining a climate conducive to the continuous improvement of our services;
  • Controlling our risks through constant challenge of the integrity of our processes and the robustness of our decision making.

These Commitments and this Quality Policy reflect our desire for constant improvement and the search for excellence in the relationships with our business partners and our employees, as well as in the various services and products we offer.

This QMS is not static but a continually evolving tool in view of the changing commercial landscape. It allows each employee to express his or her opinion on the possibilities for improvement, so that our working methods can be constantly adapted.

Our QMS has become a key pillar in the structure of the Janex organisation. It will enable us to develop and prosper in the future. Critically, it will also allow us to provide high quality and safe services to our partners.

For Janex, Stuart Miners, August 2021