Our Values – what Janex stands for

Ethical – we respect ethical business conduct, both financially and intellectually; we focus on what we do and how we do it and we undertake to comply with the regulations in force

Responsible – shipping chemicals requires the highest levels of safety and diligence

Humble – we exist to serve our customers and our suppliers

Detail focussed – constant vigilance, rigour and attention to detail

Flexible – in the world of logistics, we need to react to the ever-changing environment; the only constant is change

Reactive – remaining on hand to support our partners

International – our skills and our interest are in international business; extending our partners’ reach into regions they can’t access or do not know

Innovation & entrepreneurial – problem solving takes imagination and we recognise that what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow

People – people are at the heart of our environment. We believe in investing in people and relationships; both within our team and with our partners.  We are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable work environment for our team

Business pleasure – we are passionate in our work and take pride and enjoyment in the service we deliver