Diisobutylene (DIB)

Di-isobutylene, or DIB, is a liquid mixture containing two isomers, 2,4,4-trimethyl-pentene-1 and 2,4,4-trimethyl-pentene-2 (sometimes referred to as DIB-1 and DIB-2).

Janex supplies DIB in bulk parcels and isotanks. 

Used as a chemical intermediate, DIB has applications in many industries including rubber chemicals, lubricant additives and coatings.

Diisobutylene CAS  25167-70-8



There are different routes to produce DIB.  One involves reacting high purity isobutylene over a solid acid catalyst. A second involves reacting Raffinate I with sulfuric acid which selectively condenses the isobutylene content to DIB. A third is to use an acidic ion-exchange resin to make the same condensation from Raffinate 1.


Main applications:

  • Iso-nonanoic acid
  • 3,5,5-trimethylhexanol
  • Octylphenol (for resin and surfactant use)
  • Neononoic acids
  • Octylated diphenylamine
  • Sulfurised DIB
  • Perfumery
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Water-soluble polymers
  • Tert-octylamine
  • Octenyl succinic anhydride
  • bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl) phosphinic acid


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