Other Higher Olefins

Janex is a specialist in the distribution of higher olefins.

We have extensive experience with nonene, propylene tetramer, diisobutylene (DIB), polyisobutylene (PIB) and linear alpha olefins (LAO).  Each of these products has a dedicated page in the product section of our website.


We also have experience with a number of other higher olefins including:

  • C5 iso-amylene – CAS 513-35-9
  • C7 iso-heptene – CAS 97592-99-9
  • C12 iso-olefin – CAS 97280-83-6
  • C12 tri-iso-butylene (TIB) – CAS 7756-94-7
  • C15 - C18 heavy iso-olefin (HIO) also called propylene pentamer – CAS 15220-87-8 / 93762-80-2
  • Linear internal olefins (LIO) where we have various grades to offer

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