Linear Alpha Olefin (LAO)

Linear Alpha Olefins (LAO) are olefins or alkenes with a chemical formula CnH2n. Alpha olefins have their double bond at the primary or alpha position, the beginning of the hydrocarbon chain. This location of a double bond enhances the reactivity of the compound and makes it synthetically interesting for a number of applications.

Janex offers a range of LAO from C5 Pentene to C18 Octadecene, as well as some higher blends such as C20-C24 , C24-C28. and C30+.


Industrially, linear alpha olefins are commonly manufactured by two main routes: oligomerisation of ethylene and by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis followed by purification. Dehydration of alcohols has also been used commercially, albeit on smaller scale.

There are several commercial processes which oligomerise ethylene to linear alpha olefins. The majority of these processes produce wide distributions of linear alpha olefins.

Product range:

  • C5 Pentene - CAS 109-67-1
  • C6 Hexene - CAS 592-41-6
  • C8 Octene - CAS 111-66-0
  • C10 Decene - CAS 872-05-9
  • C12 Dodecene - CAS 112-41-4
  • C12 - C14
  • C14 Tetradecene - CAS 1120-36-1
  • C16 Hexadecene - CAS 629-73-2
  • C16 - C18
  • C18 Octadecene - CAS 112-88-9
  • C20 - C24
  • C24 - C28
  • C30+

Main Applications:

Polymer applications.


  • Alpha olefin sulfonate (AOS)
  • Detergent alcohols
  • Linear alkyl benzene sulfonates
  • Amine derivatives
  • Alkane sulfonates

Synthetic fluids:

  • Polyalphaolefins (PAO)
  • Polyol esters
  • Alkyl aromatics


  • Plasticiser alcohols
  • Alkyl succinic anhydrides
  • Polyvinylchloride lubricants & stabilisers
  • Silane


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